Building a “Tape Measure” satillite antenna.

Parts List:

Length of 3/4 inch PVC pipe

11 3/4 inch PVC cross pieces

2 3/4 PCV caps

22 1 1/4 inch adjustable clamps

1 10 oz tube of PCV pipe glue

1 PCV pipe cutter

1 3ft coax pl259 jumper cable

1 12 ft pl259 cable with connectors1

PL259 to SNA adapter

1 Antenna MIX TW-16A duplexer

1 tape measure (get if from a dollar store.)

Instructions: (Under Construction.)

About VE3FMQ

Have been a licensed Canadian Amateur Radio operator for 50 years and have have Advanced and CW endorsement. I can cover all bands from 160 Meters to 70 cm. My favorite modes are FT8 and FS8Call.
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