Ragchew Ramble Tower Talk Net moving to VE3YRA

Due to VE3TWR being off-service the Ragchew Ramble Tower Talk Amateur Radio Net is moving to VE3YRA.

The net will continue to operate Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4PM with net controller Joseph VE3FMQ.

VE3YRA operates on 145.35000 MHz -0,6 MHz offset 103.5 tone

VE3YRA is linked to VE3YRA 444.22500 MHz +5.0 MHz offset no tone.

All licensed amateur radio stations are welcome to participate. This is an informal net operated in a round-table discussion format on various topics. You may check in when requested by the net controller.

For communication with the net controller please use ve3fmq@outlook.com

Please note that since the net is no longer held on the CN Tower “Tower Talk” will be dropped from the name.

Please feel free to share this information.


About VE3FMQ

Have been a licensed Canadian Amateur Radio operator for 50 years and have have Advanced and CW endorsement. I can cover all bands from 160 Meters to 70 cm. My favorite modes are FT8 and FS8Call.
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